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28 Day Strength, Pilates & Cardio 2.0 Empowered Method

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Get Ready to Empower Your Fitness Journey! 🌟
I am so excited to introduce the NEW Strength, Pilates and Cardio Empowered Method, launching exclusively on November 11th which will take you right up to Christmas. Feel your best self for the party season and throughout the holidays. Its a chance to kick start before the New Year.
It’s your opportunity to elevate your health, progress, and workouts. This 28 day, science-based, and results-driven workout plan that will help you achieve your best physical and mental shape ever and absolutely EVERYONE is welcome to join.
Overcoming challenges with a supportive team behind you and two trainers Megan and Lyndsay. We have no doubt that you’ll finish these 4 weeks feeling stronger and more empowered than ever before.
This progressive method is suitable for everyone and covers all your fitness needs. Get ready for daily workouts specifically written and planned method format, focusing on different muscle groups. It will be a combination of Pilates, Strength, and Cardio workouts because these three styles of training combined, provide the best results.
Join Megan and Lyndsay as they guide, motivate, and support you through this journey. Expect tightening and sculpting Pilates, fat-burning HIIT/cardio, fierce Strength training, epic challenges, surprises, and energy from your fellow challengers.
🌟A few things you may want to know
🌟Get yourself in to a routine with 30 mins per day, perfect if you have a busy life.
🌟Get stronger, feel energised and feel more confident
🌟Work the full body on different days and follow along the schedule.
🌟This method is for everyone, from beginner to advanced.
🌟All of the workouts can be done from absolutely anywhere, from your living room, to the gym.
🌟All you need is a mat or a towel
🌟Access all of the workouts on demand to do anytime
🌟Screen the workouts on your TV. You can complete all the workouts to your TV.
🌟Access to the community whats app group to keep you accountable.



This class will be held virtually. You’ll be sent a Zoom link shortly before the class is due to start.Β